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Mon, 08/13/2018 - 16:17
Understanding and continually improving the business-side of a dental practice or institution, is fundamental to the success and happiness of the practice, dentists, staff, and patients.

During this course, you will gain the essentials for starting an efficient practice, such as hiring representation, gaining and growing patient volume, discovering savvy dental marketing, and understanding practice management and leadership. Some of the questions you will gain answers to include:

  • Representation: Attaining good representation before starting your dental practice is necessary. However, even the best lawyers are not always familiar with contract negotiations, terms, and expectations. 
    • What does your attorney know about these?
    • What is not in your contract that your attorney is not aware of?
  • Did you think about existing patient volume?
  • Did you think about new patient volume?
  • Did you think about the budget to promote your employment?
  • What are your expectations, what are the expectations of those around you?
  • What should you expect to be reimbursed? Have you studied the allowance tables?
  • How will existing and new patients be divided up once in the practice? 
  • What procedures can you do, should you do, and grow into?
  • What are the expectations of the office in terms of new patient numbers, production, and costs once you get there? How do these data points change with time?
  • If you have a new idea or want to use a different product – can you? What is the process?
  • Where are your patients going to come from? How many per month should you expect to be sourced by the office? What if the projections and reality are different?
  • Practice Management vs. Leadership – what’s the difference?
    • How to buy or build an office.
    • How to develop your team.
    • How to develop your vision.
    • How to make your vision a reality.
    • How to be financially responsible