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Partnership & Management
How much larger and faster could your business grow, if you had a financially vested, experienced, and successful partner whose sole focus was improving your business?

We partner with dentists, who want to leverage our experience and success, to grow their practice’s revenue, improve their profitability, improve the value of their practice’s equity, and/or transition themselves.

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We will show you our vision and ask you to communicate yours.


We will work together as partners to grow your revenue improve your profitability expand your brand decrease your administrative burden and have more fun!


Our partners decide which administration functions they want to outsource to our management team. The office only pays for what is uses. Due to economies of scale our offices save about 50% on management costs.


If and when an exit opportunity occurs you will decide if you want to participate. We expect the value of our partners equity to be 110%-150% of their pre-partnership value.

Block Reference

High End Continuing Education

Robert Emery DDS,
Capital Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 

  • Washington DC “Top Dentist”
  • Founder of XNAV, dynamic guidance system
  • World renowned lecturer
  • Attending: Washington DC Hospital Center

A Plan For Your Practice

Michael Reimels DDS, FAGD
Reimels Family Dentistry

  • Owner of 21 dental practices with 14 doctor partners.

System and Process Driven

Stan Kinder
Retired Senior Vice President

  • Mergers and Affiliations
  • Dental Care Alliance

Advantages Of Our Partnership

A portrait of Scott Dudley
Scott Dudley
We are the “Anti-DSO”.
Owned and managed by dentists we are anything but a PE backed DSO, and are proud of it. While we have the same economies of scale DSO’s tout, because of our partnership structure, decisions and autonomy reside at the office level. 
Our partners keep their autonomy.
Our partnership has expectations and rules that are unique and agreeable to both parties.
Our partners decide which cost-savings management services your business participates in, if any.
When economies of scale are leveraged, costs are lowered. Our partnered doctors pick which services they want to save on.
A portrait of Mike Reimels
Mike Reimels
Our partners will have the option to participate in an exit event and their equity will be valued at the groups value.
Pari passu treatment of our partners equity means they will have no dilution or incur any costs associated with an exit event. Our partners equity value is expected to be 11-12x EBITDA.
We are very experienced in transition and can help you transition to either few days or exit all together.
This is probably the hardest thing for a doctor to do but is what we are very good at. Transferring goodwill is the holy-grail of business evolution, arguably, with our experience, there is no one who can better help you.
We are relatively young and clinically very accomplished dentists ourselves.
Who would you rather partner with, a private equity backed firm whose shareholders are their priority? A consultant, accountant, or attorney who has never cut a tooth or owned and managed a dental practice? Or FAGD accomplished dentists who have years of experience working with and partnering with dozens of dentists dedicated exclusively to help you?