Doctor Representation
MACC ACADEMY is revolutionizing the dental industry by empowering dentists through representation and 1-1 coaching and mentorship. Dentists who have representation and coaching, maximize their earning potential and take control of their careers. 

MACC ACADEMY represents the best associate dentists in the country, to find and negotiate their ideal employment terms, and also leverage the power of technology to coach them to become top producers and clinicians.  "It is not uncommon for our clients’ collections to increase 50% in one year as the result of our contract negotiating and clinical 1-1 coaching. You will love us and so will your employer!"


Our MACC ACADEMY clients sleep well knowing they have a successful professional in their corner, helping them navigate their career, mitigate their risk, and maximize their production – all without a penny upfront.

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Real Business Skills

Robert Emery DDS
Capital Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Washington DC “Top Dentist”
  • Founder of XNAV, dynamic guidance system
  • World renowned lecturer
  • Attending: Washington DC Hospital Center

Capability and Credibility

Stan Kinder
Retired Senior Vice President

  • Mergers and Affiliations
  • Dental Care Alliance

Able To See All Sides

Michael Reimels DDS, FAGD
Reimels Family Dentistry

  • Owner of 21 dental practices with 14 doctor partners.

Without any upfront cost, our clients enjoy:

  • 24/7 Personalized 1-1 tele-conference clinical coaching and mentorship at times convenient to our clients. 
  • Help sourcing their ideal job
  • Peace of mind knowing their expectations will be met 
  • Confidence knowing their contracts have been negotiated for their benefit. 
  • Assurance their production and salary are maximized with 1-1 clinical and professional coaching. 
  • Access to our unequaled network of professionals and strategic partners including legal, marketing, insurance, tax and more!
  • Help buying or building your dream office.
  • The advantage of your employer knowing you have a coach, invested in maximizing your production and improving your clinical and leadership skills.
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Dr. Dudley - You have inspired me by setting an example of generosity, enthusiasm, confidence and motivation. Professionally, I have grown a lot because you are always looking for the next level of technique and delivery with emphasis on results. Your positive spirit is always offering guidance and support and that makes the work place a better place to be! All the very best on your new journey!

Erika Hanson

Scott – You inspire me every time we speak. You are a friend, a gentleman, a man of action, a leader. So great to know you. I know we will always be friends and colleagues.

R.W. Emery

Dr. Dudley - As you already know, when I first started, I knew nothing about dentistry, now, I know a little more, and for much of it, I have you to thank. Your leadership and example have inspired me and have opened my eyes to new stages of opportunity, strength, and definitely to think outside the box. I am very thankful for all your advice and to call you my boss.

Laura Ardon

Dr. Dudley – You have a fantastic energy about you. You have inspired me to push myself to do more to help those around me. If ever I think I cannot give more, you’re a reminder that there is always something else to be done. You never cease to have excitement and drive for finding the next best opportunity for not just yourself, but friends, family, and colleagues. I am very lucky to have gotten to know you over the past couple of months and look forward to picking your brain about life and the dental profession for many years to come!

Abby Halpern

Dr. D - In the short time we have worked together, you have accomplished a great deal. It's awesome to see from a fellow South Jerseyan. Thanks for being an inspiration!

Jessica Lindsey
Only 1.9% for our next 10 dentists

How Does It Work? 

MACC Representation is a risk-free way for doctors to have an agent, coach, and consultant in their corner 24/7. There is no upfront cost and no risk to our clients. MACC ACADEMY gets paid only when our clients get paid. Our incentive is aligned with our client’s success. Our clients agree to a 12-month contract that pays us just 2.9% of a provider's office collections. For a limited time, you can secure service for only 1.9%. 

The dental industry is stacked against great dentists looking for a job that is fulfilling, fun, and fruitful, yet a great associate dentist is anything but a commodity. MACC ACADEMY is the industry’s first agency, coaching and consulting team committed to the associate dentist. As your personal agent, coach, and consultant, we exist to help you find the perfect job, negotiate the perfect contract, and coach you clinically 1-1 to maximize your production and probability. You will love us, and your employer will love us!

Many consultants talk a great game, but almost none have done what Dr. Dudley has in his first 7 years in business. Let him teach and mentor you.