Mature Growth for Your Dental Business
Mon, 08/03/2020 - 12:02
What is in your way to growing your mature dental business?

Hello, I am Scott Dudley with MACC Academy. So often, general dental offices will prematurely stop growing at $200,000 or $300,000 per operatory per year. Almost always, this is because the scheduling and operational structure of the office is simply inefficient.

Great offices, with really good providers, who have excellent case acceptance rates, will often struggle to average more than $350,000 per operatory per year.

The reality is, these offices still have a lot of growth left in them ...and without increasing hours or procedures. With the right systems in place, relationship based general dental offices should produce more than $500,000 per operatory per year.

The secret? Decreasing the ratio of providers to patients. When the ratio of providers to patients is systematically reduced, patients get better care, provider stress is reduced, relationships get stronger, and profitability increases.

Our MACC Academy programs consistently transition relationship-based PPO and Fee-for service general dental businesses to $500,000 per operatory per year. Let us help you, by focusing on schedule improvement, value creation, patient throughput rate, and implementing office expectations and accountability.  I invite you to visit for a no-obligation consultation.