Increase Your Dental Business Revenue

Increasing the revenue and value of any dental business, without adding providers, is a heavy lift. In order to grow, offices need to add doctors, and transition doctors, while growing revenue.

Hello, I am Scott Dudley with MACC Academy. Adding dentists, or transitioning one dentist out and another one into a practice, is very much an art. When is the right timing? How many patients are needed? How will the practice manage its loyal patients and What is the best way to communicate to both patients and staff over the course of the tradition?

When done well, transitioning a dentist is an opportunity for a practice to grow and improve. When done poorly, staff leave, patients are disappointed, and the business often suffers.

The secret to an ideal outcome is having a clear vision for the future, setting expectations for doctors, staff, and patients, and having action and marketing plans in place, well ahead of time. 

Provider transition is a great time to pivot an office toward a course of $500,000 per operatory per year. I speak to this metric, and why it is so important to understand, in a number of our other videos.

At MACC Academy, we have mastered the art of provider transition, and have helped transition countless doctors into and out of practices with a goal of growing them.

If you are a relationship based PPO or fee for service practice, I invite you to visit for a no-obligation, free consultation, to find out how we can help you transition and grow!