Why Contracts Matter

Why the ultimate dental contract is NOT the key to your success.

Hello, I am Scott Dudley with MACC Academy. What does the perfect dentist contract look like? What matters? And more importantly, what is NOT in a contract, that YOU should care about?

In our industry, contracts get a lot of attention and can create a lot of anxiety. There tends to be a lot of focus on pay percentage, if pay is based on collections or production, and what percentage of lab bills you will be responsible for. Attorneys love to focus on restrictive covenants and termination clauses.

I have worked with many dentists and I can tell you that none of these terms matter, if you and you’re your employer do not understand where your restorative patients are going to come from. You may be a very talented dentist, but your talents will be immaterial, if you are not clear on WHERE your restorative patients will come and HOW new and existing patients will be divided up.

Remember - Your production and therefore pay, will be limited by the number of patients you see, not your pay percentage or lab fees. And patient volume is usually not in your contract!

In addition to patient volume, you are going to want to know how much insurances companies pay for any particular procedure and who for example is going to be responsible for the assistant you cannot stand working with.

Having great terms in an employment contract are worthless,  if the issues that are NOT in the agreement are not worked out ahead of time. I am Scott Dudley with MACC Academy and I invite you to macc academy dot com for a no obligation consultation to find out how we can help you flush-out the issues that are really important in an employer/employee agreement.