Our Secret Sauce: Our credibility.

In this video, I want to share my background so you can better appreciate why MACC ACADEMY can help you or your organization.

Hello, I am Scott Dudley with MACC Academy.

In this video, I want to share my background so you can better appreciate why MACC Academy can help you or your organization.

My formal education started at Middlebury College. I went on to earn my dental and Masters in education degrees at the University of Pennsylvania. I completed an AEGD with the United States Air Force and most recently earned a master’s degree in business administration from the Darden School of business, at the University of Virginia. I am a fellow of the academy of general dentistry and have practiced since 2004 as both a PPO and fee for service dentist.

As a business owner, I started multiple dental brands from scratch. My first two brands, Elite Dental and Virginia Dental Center, have enjoyed excellent reputations in the Arlington community of Northern Virginia. The brands grew at 30% year over year until they reached saturation at over $500,000 per operatory per year.

As the group grew to almost $7m in revenue, I had the experience of hiring hundreds of staff and dozens dentists. Much of our groups practice philosophy was centered around the Spear Study Club that I founded, and ran for many years.

Intertwined with our growth was all the administration, business, finance, marketing, and communication responsibilities that you would expect. I am proud of not only what we accomplished on paper, but all the lives we have touched, and the way in which we have done it.

If there were pillars to our success, I would have to say they were recruiting and hiring the right people, setting written expectations and ensuring accountability, and creating an enjoyable experience for staff and patients.

We made it one of our goals to make excellent dentistry affordable through various in-house payment options.

Part of my leadership style, is to develop customized tools to help our people succeed. SmileSIM, an online smile simulation service now available to any dentist at SmilesimDMD.com, is one example. I developed it to help less experienced doctors improve their case acceptance-  by showing patients what ideal health looks like.

I am passionate about working with, teaching and inspiring others. As someone who has walked the walk, I started MACC Academy to share what I have learned. I am Scott Dudley for MACC Academy, and I look forward to working with you.