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Consulting, Coaching, & Advising
MACC Academy strives to develop your dental career into a sustainable, profitable business. Our goal is to inspire successful dentistry through leadership. Through management, advisory, coaching and consulting services, we will add value to your practice.


Common Areas of Focus

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  • Firm growth and value creation
  • Increasing top line revenue
  • Improving EBITDA
  • Cost/inventory control
  • Valuation

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  • Defining vision, values, and your difference
  • Improving internal and external communication
  • Transitions (human capital & physical plant)
  • Culture

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  • Marketing and the patient experience
  • Operating policy and procedures
  • Contracts, expectations, accountability, and execution
  • HR, Billing, and Accounting
  • Metrics

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  • Growth: Define organic growth goals, opportunity, and strategy at both the most granular (provider) office level through the enterprise level.
  • Bottlenecks: Identify bottlenecks in operations and recalibrate, optimize, and refine them for operational efficiency. Refine and improve the revenue cycle.
  • Transition and DSO evaluation and preparation

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For Providers

  • Receive provider mentorship and coaching, one on one at the individual provider level
  • Discover doctor recruitment, motivation, and retainment
  • Identify doctor bottlenecks in the volume, diagnosis, value creation, and presentation cycle
  • Define and establish accountability
  • Acquire SmileSIM coaching
  • Discover profit and loss (P&L) analysis and review
  • Learn practice valuation, sales preparation, and transition
  • Startup and acquisition strategy
  • Setting and implementing expectations
  • Audits
  • Communication
  • Value Creation
  • Execution
  • Team building
  • Toolkit