Consulting, Coaching, & Advising
MACC ACADEMY is different in that we are strategic consultants that excel in dental operational details. We not only know how to make practices grow exponentially, become more efficient, and transition, but we have done it ourselves – many times over.
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Common Areas of Focus

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  • Firm growth and value creation
  • Increasing top line revenue
  • Improving EBITDA
  • Cost/inventory control
  • Valuation

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  • Marketing and the patient experience
  • Operating policy and procedures
  • Contracts, expectations, accountability, and execution
  • HR, Billing, and Accounting
  • Metrics

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  • Want to add a provider?
  • Want to expand your brand?
  • Want to transition yourself?
  • Want to buy or sell equity?
  • Considering a DSO?

Transition is an art. Done well, it can be the most profitable and liberating decision of your career. Not done well, and it can lead to incredible stress, conflict, and sometimes financial failure. Let us help you navigate the tricky challenge of transition.

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  • Defining: Vision, Values, and Mission
  • Identifying: Goals, Opportunity, and Bottlenecks
  • Growing:  Operational improvements and efficiencies’
  • Details: Your competitive advantage
  • Communication: Inside and out
  • Transitions
  • Culture

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  • 1-1 clinical coaching
  • Communication: Office and Patient
  • Team: Goals, expectations, accountability, and inspiration
  • SmileSIM: coaching
  • Enjoy: MACC ACADEMY’s Professional Network
    • Tax, financial, distributors, advertising, legal, billing & collecting
  • Discover: Doctor recruitment, motivation, and retainment
  • P@L: review and improvement
  • Strategy: Startup and Acquisition