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Pricing & Guarantee
Unlike traditional consulting firms, our pricing is based solely on results.

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Our guarantee is that 200% of our client’s costs will be paid for by the value we create. 

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A Culture of Clinical and Service Excellence

Stan Kinder
Retired Senior Vice President
Mergers and Affiliations
Dental Care Alliance

Real Business Skills

Robert Emery DDS, 
Capital Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 
Washington DC “Top Dentist”
Founder of XNAV, dynamic guidance system 
World renowned lecturer 
Attending: Washington DC Hospital Center

Best Plan of Action for Growth

Michael Reimels DDS, FAGD
Reimels Family Dentistry
Owner of 21 dental practices with 14 doctor partners. 


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Annual Subscription


1-10 hours per month

No Risk

Clients are billed only for a percentage of their increase in net profit



We love to have skin in the game, and you should as well!

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