Discover what MACC Academy alumni are saying about their experiences and results.

Scott – You have inspired me to never stop improving on myself and to never settle into easy contentment. I am better for having seen firsthand how much more important leadership is to life and practice than any dental skill.

Chris Henry

Dr Dudley - It’s been an Awesome journey working with you. From the moment I met you 12+ years ago I knew there was something special about you. I appreciate all the lessons learned, words of encouragement and the mentoring process. You have inspired me to be better and always look for the best in others. I know there is more to come in the next chapter in your life. There’s no distance in friendship. Wishing you the very best.

Liza Blackwell

Dr. Dudley – You have a fantastic energy about you. You have inspired me to push myself to do more to help those around me. If ever I think I cannot give more, you’re a reminder that there is always something else to be done. You never cease to have excitement and drive for finding the next best opportunity for not just yourself, but friends, family, and colleagues. I am very lucky to have gotten to know you over the past couple of months and look forward to picking your brain about life and the dental profession for many years to come!

Abby Halpern

Scott - You have continually challenged me to be a better dentist and better leader each and every day, which has translated into me being a better father, husband, colleague, and friend.  You care about your team members and have always showed up when called upon.  I admire your determination and will-power to never give up.  You are not afraid to take risks and will work endlessly to bring your vision to fruition.  You think outside the box and always has a fresh perspective on a situation or problem that needs to be addressed. Thank you.

Adam Goldstein

Dr. D - In the short time we have worked together, you have accomplished a great deal. It's awesome to see from a fellow South Jerseyan. Thanks for being an inspiration!

Jessica Lindsey

"Dr. Dudley was incredibly helpful throughout the process of finding my first job after residency. Dr. Dudley is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to assessing employment opportunities, ironing out the intricacies of transitioning into a practice and critiquing a contract for the betterment of a new dentist. Dr. Dudley helped me feel more knowledgeable about my employment options and feel confident that I picked the best opportunity for myself."

Kayla Suah

Dr. Dudley - You have inspired me by setting an example of generosity, enthusiasm, confidence and motivation. Professionally, I have grown a lot because you are always looking for the next level of technique and delivery with emphasis on results. Your positive spirit is always offering guidance and support and that makes the work place a better place to be! All the very best on your new journey!

Erika Hanson

Dr. Dudley, thank you for your letter and for my reward (wow!!). Your leadership and words of encouragement mean a lot to me and you’re truly an inspiration to me. Your guidance and advice has helped me during difficult times when I needed it the most. Thank you for your support and thanks for cheering me on. You’re one of a kind!

Laura A

You have inspired me with your limitless amount of energy and drive to push myself out of my comfort zone. Your incredible achievements are awe inspiring, and you truly exemplify the meaning of hard work and innovative thinking! Your empathy and true care for your employees are such an inspiration for me to lead by example.

Meg Morrow

Dr. Dudley – You have been a good friend and a great example of the effect of hard work and a positive attitude. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have my house. I owe you more than I can repay. Thank you.

Jim Greenamyer